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Instantly power back-up in Indian dynastic politics which turned into an award.


December 2010

I was on a trip from Florence to Milan.

It was cold and snowing, a magnificent picturesque landscape all along, with snowflakes dropping like small cotton balls.

Was in the dining car having my breakfast and drinking my favourite Coffee Latte.

The phone rang. It was Deepak Sing from DDB Mudra, Mumbai.

“ Satyaki, I have a unique project for you based on Power Politics. When are you free?”

I told DS that I was travelling in Southern Europe and informed him about my schedule and dates of arrival back to Mumbai. I called him that evening only and asked him to mail me the details of the campaign.

After going through the layout, I was excited.

Reaching Mumbai a couple of days later, I got the brief from Deepak Singh

When I met Deepak Singh along with Manish Darji, Deepak Singh told me that I am free to choose the location as per my choice.

And, off course, I chose Kolkata.

The campaign was for Power Backup.

I chose cutouts of a political campaign as a metaphor like we are used to seeing in South India, in old cinema publicity painting form.

I found somebody, Shri Manoj Sen who had the experience to do these kinds of jobs by his hand with paints & brush, make those kinds of old world cinema publicity posters, which I used to see in my childhood days in Kalighat area in Kolkata.

We created the images in Kolkata, which brought us many awards and accolades.

An award in the 2011 Prix de la Photographie Paris competition, which received over 4000 entries from around the world. These images received Silver in the Press category for the entry entitled "Instant Power back up”.